♥Who are you, really?
I am a married working full-time mother of two children who loves a natural life and finds happiness in the simple things.

♥When do you have time to create?
The best time of the day for me is in the morning from 4am – 7am. Everyone is asleep, the house is quite and I am drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Magic happens in those three hours.

♥Why the name Madalina Catalina?
Madalina Catalina is one of my favorite children’s songs.

♥What size are your dolls?
Most of the soft sculpture dolls are 14” head to toe, but sometimes I get carried away with big hair and that adds a few inches. I also occasionally make smaller versions of around 8", and the dinky dinkies are around 5".

♥Is this doll sold?
Any dolls that I do have available will be in my luulla shop, which you can find at http://www.madalinacatalina.etsy.com/
♥How much are your dolls?
The prices of all the dolls are different because they all take different amounts of time to make and use up different amounts of fabric and other materials. I try to keep my prices as low as I can because I want people to be able to buy them and enjoy them, but they are a lot of work, and I do everything myself from scratch. You can see the individual prices of the dolls for sale in my ETSY shop. Below is a list of what goes into my dolls. As you can see, I would be better off working at my local fast food restaurant, but for me it is not about the money.
30 minutes - Tracing, sewing and cutting body
30 minutes - Assembly
30 minutes - Stuffing
30 minutes - Head making, shaping
30 minutes - Face embroidery
90 minutes - Body Sculpting
30-90 minutes - Hair (craft fur - 30 minutes; yarn hair - 90 minutes)
60 – 90 minutes - Clothing (depending on what it is)
30 minutes - Finishing touches (dressing, blushing, getting ready to ship)
One doll takes about 6 to 8 hours to make and don’t forget about the material cost to make the doll. I’m not going to price the material cost out because it is a tad embarrassing how much I spend in supplies, but you get the gist!

♥I want one! How do I get one?
Check my ETSY shop for dolls that are available and keep an eye on Facebook for dolls about to become available, as I generally put their pictures up there first.

♥Can I custom order?
My goal is to stock my ETSY shop with so many different dolls that a custom order will not be necessary. With that being said.... If you don't see a doll in my ETSY shop, send me a message with what you are looking for (hint, hint). Maybe, just maybe it will be in the shop within the next couple of days. Maybe :-)

♥How do you wash your dolls?
Although surface washing is best, they can be machine washed. Place the doll inside a pillowcase and tie it gently. Wash in cold water on the hand wash cycle, then air dry. Once dried, blush the checks, bottom and belly with a store bought pink blush; your doll should be good as new.
♥How did you get started doing this?
Indiana winters are harsh and I was looking to something to keep me occupied while sitting at home watching the snow fly. Nothing seemed to keep my interest; I tried scrapbooking, card making, needle point, candy bouquets, and crochet. Then, I remembered my grandma and how she loved to sew. My inner grandma came out; I was hooked on sewing. While searching on-line for a doll pattern, I found Dinky Baby patterns. I made my first doll for my daughters 7th birthday; I can still remember how excited I was to give her that doll. I finally found something to be passionate about… doll making!    I got my certification from DinkyBaby, LLC to make and sell dolls using the Dinky Baby name; I have not looked backed.

♥Stitching has come undone. Can you fix my doll?
Yes, I can. Email me so I can get the details and we can arrange something. Please remember that these dolls are handcrafted. The thread is what holds the dolls together and sometimes thread breaks - it happens. I will do everything in my power to repair the doll and make it right. I take great pride in all my dolls!

♥Where I can get more clothes?
When time allows and I find a great pattern, I occasionally make doll clothes. If available the doll clothes will also be in my shop.

♥How do I get in touch with you?
You can put a message on my Facebook wall, drop me a line through ETSY Conversations, or email me at madalinacatalina@gmail.com