Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ultimate Gift Set

I have had many request for extra clothes and accessories for the Madalina Catalina dolls. The Ultimate Gift Set is now available :-)  If you would like to make your Ultimate Gift Set, I have linked each item to a tutorial (if available).  Happy sewing ♥

This little girl will be adopted with
♥ magnetic pacifier
♥ magnetic bottle
♥ reversible diaper bag (tote) Tutorial for Reversible Diaper Bag (Tote Bag)
♥ two fleece diapers Doll Diaper Tutorial
♥ diaper wipe holder with three diaper wipes, Diaper Wipe Case and Wipe Tutorial For Dolls
♥ day outfit = a reversible pink and white dress with purple diaper,2 in 1 Dress Tutorial
♥ night outfit = polka dot sleeper

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