Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Pattern for a Darling Soft Sculptured Baby

Most of you who sew, quilt and craft are familiar with Fairfield Processing.  I personally use their fiberfill for the Soft Cloth dolls I make.  I came across their website, and I realized they are a great source for project ideas, patterns, and community sharing.  One of the patterns that I was drawn to was a darling soft sculptured “baby” designed by Marinda Stewart – author, teacher, and quilt designer.  This easy-to-make baby girl or baby boy has the sweetest embroidered face and is especially irresistible when wearing its own doll-sized Babyville Boutique diaper. 

Download these free patterns and have fun making your baby their new best friend!

For the doll pattern and directions, please visit Fairfield’s site at: http://www.fairfieldworld.com/pattern/136-babyville-boutique-baby-doll

Follow these easy instructions for the diaper and download the free diaper pattern here
Babyville Boutique Baby Doll Diaper

  • Babyville Boutique Diaper Cut – 21" x 24"
  • Babyville Boutique Fold Over Elastic – 1 package
  • Babyville Boutique EZ Adjust Tape™ (FOE) - 1 package
  • Babyville Boutique Preemie Pattern
  • Disappearing Marker
  • Thread
  1. Fold Pul fabric in half lengthwise.  Place straight edge of pattern on fabric fold, pin then cut fabric.
  2. Trim off elastic casing flap and transfer elastic stitch markings and EZ Adjust tape markings to fabric with disappearing marking pen.
  3. Stitch loop side of tape to diaper front on right side of fabric.
  4. Stitch both hook and loop tape to diaper wings on wrong side of fabric.
  5. Beginning at back edge 1" from marking on left of fabric, with right side up, encase edge of fabric in FOE.  Stitch FOE using a zig-zag stitch.  At marking, stretch FOE as you stitch to the next marking.  Release stretch and continue stitching to leg marking.
  6. Fully stretch FOE across leg opening to next marking.  Release stretch; continue stitching to next leg opening, stretch, and stitch again. 
  7. Release stretching nd finish stitching FOE around wing and to the beginning of the FOE, stitching layers together.

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