Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Birthdays are VERY special!

It seems like yesterday my youngest nephew was born,  I think I was more excited for his birth than my own children's birth (I knew I only had to love him and not pay for him the next 18+ years).  My sister-in-law wanted a special 1st birthday outfit that could get messy while my nephew got his first taste of SUGAR!

The theme for the first birthday party was Dr. Seuss.  The green eggs (green deviled eggs) and ham (ham roll ups) and the other Seussicial food was delicious.  It was really fun to read all the Dr. Seuss quotes throughout the party.  That man was a genius!

O.K. enough about the party.  Back to the outfit idea.  I was asked to make a diaper cover, a necktie and a party hat out of Dr. Seuss fabric.  I am a doll maker not a seamstress but for my nephew, I would try anything.  Surfing the Internet,  I found the best tutorial for a diaper cover.  Very simple and with my serger the diaper cover was a breeze!
For the party hat, I went to the dollar store and got a package of cardboard party hats.  I opened the cardboard party hat flat and I spray adhesive the front.  Once the spray adhesive was tacky I placed my Dr. Seuss fabric (wrong side down, right side up) over the front of the card board party hat, tucked the edges around the inside of the hat. Make the party hat back into a cone, hot glue back together, add some embellishments (pom, poms) and DONE; custom made party hat for the birthday boy.

The necktie was my biggest challenge.  Again, I needed to go to the internet for help.  I found this necktie tutorial that helped guide my through the process.  I actually made it into a clip tie, because I didn't think my nephew would sit still for a windsor knot. http://www.purlbee.com/little-boys-tie/

The outfit was a great hit and it only took around two hours and $10 to make.  Something like this would cost around $50 on ETSY, (However, I am sure the quality would be so much better).  Try it for your very special person :-)

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