Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moving to Luulla

I'm moving my shop from ETSY to LUULLA.  LUULLA was launched late 2011 with great success.  As of right now, you need to be an invited seller (I asked to be invited) to sell on LUULLA.  Check out my shop: http://www.madalinacatalina.luulla.com/

"Luulla is the place for people who heart handmade and talk handmade.
Luulla is a handmade marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade items and share handmade tips and ideas. Our mission is to tell the story behind every handmade item and about the wonderful people behind the handmade items. We hope to inspire creativity within every individual and grow the love for handmade. We showcase handmade products from crafters around the world and hope to spread the joy and passion with everyone who loves handmade. "
There are many benefits that LUULLA has over ETSY.  The biggest benefit is the LUULLA does not have transaction fees for their sellers. LUULA is easy to navigate, and there are no teams or treasury list, (which I am so glad, too much pressure) It is all about handmade crafts and the story behind the crafts. 

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  1. Hi, did Luulla work out for you as the link to Luulla didn't work for me.

    Regards, Claire